Price Of Bali Atv Ride

Price Of Bali Atv Ride

It is possible to experience a wide variety of natural landscapes and terrains on the lovely Indonesian island of Bali. Taking an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) ride through Bali’s breathtaking countryside is one of the most well-liked ways to do so. If you intend to , it’s crucial to comprehend the many price ranges and elements that influence the whole cost of the event.

All you need to know about Bali ATV ride Price will be covered in this post.

Pricing Influences for Bali ATV Rides

The price of an ATV ride in Bali might vary depending on a number of variables. They consist of:

Time Spent on the Ride
One of the most important elements that significantly influences the final cost is the length of the ATV trip. In Bali, ATV excursions might last anything from 30 minutes to several hours. The cost increases with the length of the trip.

Address of the Ride
Another element that may affect the cost of the ATV ride is its location. Some ATV excursions take place in isolated, difficult-to-reach locations, necessitating extra transportation expenses or specific gear.

Included and Excluded
The pricing may also vary depending on the ATV ride’s inclusions and exclusions. ATV excursions may come with extras like stops at nearby waterfalls or villages, which might raise the price.

Number of Participants
The cost of the ATV trip may also vary depending on the size of the group. While some ATV tour companies provide discounts for larger parties, some could charge more for smaller ones.

Date and Time
The cost of the ATV trip may also vary depending on the time of day. Some operators charge more for early bird or sunset rides than for regular daytime excursions.

ATV ride costs on Bali, on average

Depending on the aforementioned variables, an ATV trip in Bali can cost different amounts. A one-hour ATV trip in Bali will typically run you between 500,000 and 1,200,000 IDR (about $35 to $85 USD) per person.

However it’s important to remember that the cost may vary based on the operator, the location, and the features. To obtain the best deal and value for your money, it is always important to do some research and compare several ATV ride providers.

Advice for Negotiating the Cheapest Bali ATV Ride Cost

Research and Pricing Comparison
The best approach to find the lowest price and the most value for your money is to do some research and compare several ATV ride providers. Find providers who offer the inclusions and activities you’re interested in, then compare their costs and packages.

Reserve in advance
Ahead of time reservations will help you get a better deal and guarantee availability for your ATV ride. It’s always worthwhile to check if there are any bargains available since some operators provide discounts for early bookings or group bookings.

Dispute the Cost
While reserving an ATV trip in Bali, you can also bargain the price. Negotiations may be possible with some operators, particularly if you have a large group if it’s the off-season.

Verify any additional costs
Make sure to inquire about any additional fees prior to scheduling your ATV ride, such as transportation charges, taxes, or equipment rental charges. To prevent any surprises later on, it is always preferable to have a clear idea of the overall cost up front.


A thrilling and adventurous way to discover Bali’s breathtaking scenery and unspoiled beauty is to take an ATV ride. You may find the finest deal and value for your money by being aware of the elements that influence the overall cost of the experience and using the aforementioned advice. Bali has a vast selection of ATV ride providers from which to pick, whether you’re searching for a quick ride or an all-day experience.

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